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Retreats for Depression
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 22:29

We can all get depressed sometimes, but if you seem stuck feeling depressed, low, miserable, worried, stressed, then our retreats for depression are just the answer you may be looking for.

Our retreats offer a holistic all round approach aimed to help you overcome depression and increase your physical emotional and intellectual well-being. Our experience, which is confirmed by many other experts in the field, is that looking back in the past and analysing events and childhood is rarely the best way of overcoming depression. So our focus is on leaving the past behind and moving forward towards a happier future and our depression retreats set you up with the tools and resources to be able to do that. Depending on your choice, this can either be done completely one to one or in small groups for some parts of the retreat.

We show you proven steps to help you overcome depression and develop 'emotional resilience', the ability to be able to ride the ups and downs of life. So rather than leave you in a neutral state we give you the tools to become happier and to flourish rather than simply function. This will also include information on how nutrition can affect mood for a more positive outlook. This element of our retreat can either be done in small groups or individually depending on your choice.

While on a one to one basis we can use techniques from Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT to allow your unconscious mind let go of the past and any internal conflicts you may have held you back and help you move forward to a happier future.

Our retreats offer one to one or small group Tai Chi lessons, that offer an excellent opportunity for mindfulness and wonderful for changing our energy levels. Many people with depression struggle with physical activity and have maybe become very unfit and so Tai Chi is the perfect way to begin the journey back to fitness while encouraging mind-body awareness. In China the graceful combinations of breathing and movement have long been associated with reduced stress and improved mood and this knowledge is slowly being accepted and even confirmed by published studies.

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